Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What custom gunsmithing services do you offer?
    We specialize in customizing firearms to your specifications, ensuring precision and reliability in every build.
  2. Can you explain your gun finishing services?
    Our custom gun finishes combine durability with aesthetic appeal, enhancing both performance and appearance.
  3. How does your laser engraving service benefit gun owners?
    Our precise laser engraving adds personalization and identification to firearms, meeting both practical and aesthetic needs.
  4. What types of suppressors do you provide?
    We offer a range of high-quality suppressors that reduce noise and muzzle flash, enhancing shooting comfort and safety.
  5. Do you cater to law enforcement agencies as a gun provider?
    We supply law enforcement with specialized firearms, ensuring reliability and compliance with rigorous standards.
  6. Can you explain your services on Gunbroker?
    We facilitate firearm transactions on Gunbroker, offering a secure platform for buying and selling firearms online.
  7. What expertise do you offer in AK builds and repairs?
    Our skilled team handles custom AK builds and repairs, ensuring performance and authenticity in every project.
  8. Are you an American gun manufacturer?
    Yes, we proudly manufacture firearms in the USA, adhering to high-quality standards and innovation.
  9. What sets your gun shop apart in the industry?
    Our gun shop combines expertise with a commitment to customer service, offering a wide selection of firearms and accessories.
  10. How do you approach custom gun manufacturing?
    We craft custom firearms tailored to individual preferences, ensuring superior quality and performance.
  11. What types of gun repairs do you specialize in?
    Our gunsmiths excel in diagnosing and repairing a wide range of firearm issues, restoring functionality and safety.
  12. Could you elaborate on your gun laser engraving capabilities?
    Our advanced laser engraving technology allows for intricate designs and markings, enhancing the uniqueness of each firearm.
  13. What are the benefits of using gun suppressors?
    Suppressors reduce noise and recoil, improving shooting accuracy and minimizing hearing damage.
  14. How can I order a custom AK from your company?
    Contact us to discuss your AK customization preferences, and we’ll guide you through the process from design to completion.
  15. Do you offer services for modifying or upgrading existing firearms?
    Yes, we provide customization services to enhance the performance and aesthetics of your current firearms.


We’ll modify and customize your guns to your liking.

Custom Gunsmithing

Get a gun that no one else has with our custom gun finishing.

Gun Finishing

Make your gun your own with a customized gun engraving.

Laser Engraving

Get high-quality and in-house-built suppressors for your guns.


We can custom make and tailor guns for law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Gun Provider

We offer a wide range of firearms, ammo, and accessories.


We offer a wide range of firearms, ammo, and accessories.

AK Builds & Repairs

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