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Welcome to The Armory, your trusted partner in firearm expertise in Cullman, AL. As a veteran-owned business, we offer an extensive array of gun-related services designed to meet the needs of enthusiasts and professionals alike. Our offerings range from custom gunsmithing to laser engraving and suppressors, all designed to enhance your firearm experience. Recognizing the vital role guns play in sports, self-defense, and professional duties, we are dedicated to providing you with personalized solutions and support. We’re a local gun shop supporting law enforcement offices and the military with standard and custom firearms.

Customized Gun Services for Enthusiasts and Professionals

Personalized Enhancements for Your Firearms

Our expertise in custom gunsmithing and finishing means your firearm will not only perform excellently but also reflect your unique style. Whether it’s enhancing functionality with a custom gun finish or adding a personal touch with gun engraving, our experienced team is here to serve. Plus, for those in search of quieter solutions, our selection of gun suppressors offers the perfect blend of stealth and performance.

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Want to get a gun that suits your style and needs? Drop by our gun broker site and see our top products in the auction. As a local American gun manufacturer, we also provide custom firearms for law enforcement offices and the military. Give us a call or visit our website to let us know how we may help you.

Get the Right Gun for Your Protection or Duty

Delivering Only the Highest-Quality Enhancements

At The Armory, our commitment to the Cullman community goes beyond just selling firearms. We provide specialized services for LEO/MIL personnel and engage in gun brokerage, underlining our dedication to supporting local and national needs. With our promise to deliver top-notch gun customizations and services for your protection or duty, we aim to provide only the highest-quality firearm enhancements and solutions for your needs. Get in touch with us or visit our gun shop today!


We’ll modify and customize your guns to your liking.

Custom Gunsmithing

Get a gun that no one else has with our custom gun finishing.

Gun Finishing

Make your gun your own with a customized gun engraving.

Laser Engraving

Get high-quality and in-house-built suppressors for your guns.


We can custom make and tailor guns for law enforcement.

Law Enforcement Gun Provider

We offer a wide range of firearms, ammo, and accessories.


We offer a wide range of firearms, ammo, and accessories.

AK Builds & Repairs

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